10 Items of Clothing Men Like on Women


Every woman wants to be attractive to the opposite sex. Despite all those statements that clothes should be comfortable and practical, on a subconscious level women dress to impress. Of course, it’s impossible to please everyone. Men are not as primitive as they may seem. Each of them has his own taste, preferences, and understanding of beauty. Gentlemen love with their eyes, and first impressions really matter to them.

It is women’s appearance that attracts them and makes them take the first step. If a woman knows that she looks stunning, she feels confident and is more open to communication. So, what to wear to sweep a man off his feet? Here are the outfits men are crazy about. Tested on free russian brides’ admirers.

A little black dress

This classic item of women’s wardrobe will never go out of fashion. A little black dress has even a stronger effect on men than women. Guys may not know who invented this kind of dress, but when they see it on a woman, they definitely are charmed. Women shouldn’t understand ‘little’ as ‘mini’. The dress should be of the right length and cut to make the woman wearing it look elegant, mysterious, and attractive.

Off-the-shoulder tops and dresses

Men like when women look fragile and even a bit defenseless. A woman wearing an off-the-shoulder dress, blouse, or top appears to be just like that. Those outfits immediately evoke in men an irresistible desire to cover her shoulders with a coat or embrace and warm her.

High heels

Guys can only imagine how women manage to walk in those shoes, but they can’t stop admiring their beautiful legs. A woman that wears high-heeled shoes looks stunning. Her posture changes and she walks like a goddess. Of course, this kind of footwear is not comfortable for everyday use, but a  date or romantic anniversary is a good occasion to wear heels.

Red clothes

In men’s minds passion the red color is associated with passion, so when they see some red item of clothing on a woman, they get attracted to her instantly. It shouldn’t necessarily be some garment; it can be a red lipstick.

Deep cleavage

Not all deep cleavage dresses are sexy. Some of them are quite vulgar. Men are the connoisseurs of women’s breasts, and when her dress is not too revealing but leaves room for imagination, they really like it.

Backless dresses

Women’s clothes that reveal their backs are very sexy. It’s like getting naked without getting naked. Backless dresses and blouses demonstrate a woman’s majestic bearing; make her appear feminine and fragile.

Business blouses

There isn’t a single man who wouldn’t like an elegant business look of a woman. It creates certain vibes of coldness and inapproachability. A man sees a business lady but wants to know what she is like outside the business arena.

Skinny jeans

Men like this item of clothing on women, as skinny jeans make the legs appear longer and the whole silhouette more slender. They are an integral part of a casual look, which men like indeed. Skinny jeans and a loose or oversize top make a perfect combination.

Thigh split maxi skirts and dresses

Another super attractive detail in women’s wardrobe that men find attractive is a thigh split. It’s a known fact that a hint is more interesting than a straightforward demonstration. A mini-skirt reveals everything while a thigh split shows only a part of the leg and rivets men’s eyes.


Some men not only like tights on women, they consider this item of clothing a kind of fetish. Small-hole fishnet tights that are seen underneath a dress or jeans add some sophistication and chic to the look.

This article was written by guest author

 Aleksander Pichkur.