10 ways to make your relationship better through travel

Relationships become stronger when the couple spends more time together, experience new things and have tons of fun. One of the best ways to achieve that is to travel together. There’s something romantic about travelling to a far off place together where you know no one but each other. It’s fun to go off exploring with the one person you’re crazy about.

A romantic getaway

I simply love travelling around with my boyfriend and every time we return, we’re closer to each other. All the new things we discover and all the memories make sure that we’ll stay together for a long time. Of course, you may argue sometimes but don’t let it kill the fun. My most recent trip with him was to Bangkok. Basically, it was a food tour and by the time we were back, we were happy and quite stuffed. If you wish to experience this yourself with your partner then book cheap flights to Bangkok as soon as possible!

Explore together

One of the best ways to get to know each other is to explore someplace together. And to avoid any arguments then take turns to decide on a course. This way, you’ll feel a nice connection when you discover something new and share lovely moments. You can do that in your hometown but the charm of travelling allows this to have a greater impact on you.

Live in the moment

Usually, we have to follow a certain schedule and sometimes say no to our lover because society demands something else from us. Put all of that aside when you travel because when you’re so far away from home, none of the usual obligations applies to you. Be spontaneous and live in the moment to truly enjoy your life and relationship.

Couple activities

There are many activities specially designed for couples that can be super fun for you both. Try to take part in at least a few of such activities. Most of these activities require you two to work together and coordinate. In Thailand, my boyfriend and I went of rowing together and trust me, that day will stay with me forever. There are also tours available that are designed for couples like on my trip to Dubai, we went for a Dhow Cruise dinner and as a couple, we were given a nice open deck seat and a cute small heart-shaped cake at the end. Talk to your tour company to see if they offer something special for lovebirds.

Capture the moment

A picture can be worth a thousand words so make sure to take as many lovely pictures of each other and posing together as you can. If you two ever argue, these pictures will remind you of the good times hence make your relationship stronger.

Anonymous status

Travelling far away has its benefits. One of them is the anonymous status you get. You can make embarrassing mistakes because chances are you won’t meet the same people twice! Take this chance to try out different eccentric activities. Who knows, one of them may be the missing spark your relationship needs. I’m not much of a club person mostly but on my visit to Copenhagen with my man, I went along with him and danced many nights away. Zero regrets!

Talk it out

Being away from everyone means no interruptions. No matter where you’re visiting, find a quieter spot to visit and just talk to each other. Have one of those heart-to-heart conversations to really connect. I’m always shocked at how much I get to know my lover every time we talk like this. A beautiful place, a serene environment and love in the air can do wonders when it comes to opening up. Besides, knowing your lover well is the key to a strong relationship. This also builds up trust and you’ll be surprised to find out how many things you two have in common!

Share the love

This is for those that have to travel alone due to work. You don’t have to avoid your lover. In fact, take tons of pictures and buy a sweet souvenir to show them that no matter how close or far you are from them, they’re always on your mind. You can also find some free time, head over to a peaceful and beautiful spot and video call them to show them a peek of the place you’re visiting.

Accept the flaws

When you travel with someone, you’re bound to face new situations. Seeing your significant other deal with the situations can show the best and the worst in them. If you find it in yourself to accept their flaws and love them even more then not only do you learn to compromise with each other but your relationship grows stronger. This also applies for marriage because couples who accept each other and compromise happily tend to marry and live a happy married life together.

Just you and me

Like I mentioned earlier, in a new place you can only rely on each other. This can strengthen your relationship greatly as you learn about how well you two work and you feel this connection towards each other. It also leaves a nice feeling when your lover does something for you. I remember on our trip to Bangkok, my sandal came apart. My boyfriend got some rubber bands and proved himself to be a genius shoe-hack. The inside joke from that is priceless and I loved him even more for helping me out.

Romantic cities

Travelling can provide some of the best opportunities to get romantic. If you feel like your relationship is somewhat boring and is missing something then travel to a romantic city. Not only does going on an adventure teaches you lots of things but these romantic cities literally have contagious love in the air. Even the most serious person may feel poetic. This change in environment and scenery can really give you little push in the right direction, letting you two connect on a deeper level.

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