27Dresses spring summer 2015


27Dresses is a fashionable store in Alexandria – Egypt; that has been started from few years ago, the store is presenting the latest fashion trends for women weather she is veiled or unveiled. 27Dresses store is trying to help the modern woman by allowing her many options when choosing her clothes. The spring and summer collection is amazing and contains a lot of colors varieties to satisfy all women’s tastes.

27Dresses is not only selling items of clothing but they are also presenting fashion trends about how to mix and match colors and styles. With some styling idea the mission will be accomplished easily.

The smart fashionable store should think about what the community needs and try to offer it; and that’s what 27Dresses  was doing in their work; they sees what the modern women of 2015 needs and tried to create many ways to satisfy all tastes. The modern women should plays with colors, and should mix different prints together in one outfit.

Fashion designing needs more creativity, acquaintance and social contact, so when the fashion designer listens from people about their problems; it will help him or her to give their best. Designing clothing for the veiled woman is not an easy task, but it needs a lot of experience and creativity to do your work in a distinguish way.

Enjoy the hijab fashion designs by 27Dresses.

lomg floral kimono cardigan with hijab

printed jumpsuitblazer with hijabamazing hijab styleMixing and matching hijabMixing and matching hijabhijab fashion summer 2015

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