African hijab styles


African head wraps can change a look when used sensibly. The turban styles in bright colors and soft fabrics emphasize the face shape. Here as we can see from this lovely collection the models are using the neutral tones turbans with the printed colors kaftans to bring out their skin tones and this is work appropriate.

The African kaftans are my favorites; they have simplicity lines and having a comfy feeling when wearing them as well.  Kaftans can be used to dress an outfit up, or worn as casual styles. They are also, easy to accessorize. A few pieces can be mixed and matched to give you several different looks.

Kaftans are traditional African garments; an alternative of the blouse or tunic, different styles of which have been worn by numerous civilizations around the world for thousands of years. The kaftans are often worn as an out wear or overdress, typically getting to the ankles, with long sleeves. It can be made of chiffon, cashmere, silk, or cotton, and may be worn with jeans.

The collection also presents the kimono; such a hot item this spring whether they are floral or Aztec!! This long boho fringe kimono pairs well with skinny jeans and heals to create a relaxed chic look. At the end of our article I hope you like this mixture of styles; they look amazing! The kaftans form is made with a new touch of jean fabric and the result is great.

If you want to ask about any item the address of the store is down below

Khalefa el maamoon- Misr El Gidida

They can deliver to all Egypt

01004478754- 0120097097
 summer 2015 open day , ALL ITEMS are generally from Thailand, turkey, France, Italy, and china 
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