Alma and SC Bag by Louis Vuitton



Alma bags are flexible and chic which like an art deco that first time invented in 1934, Alma bags put it self in a special place in Louis vuitton’s boutique. Simple elegant in its design keeps it self in permanent elegance. Today, the texture of the soft color leather bag mixed with its amortized heat colors and gives it a classic elegant touch.

While using high quality leather in Alma and tote bags makes them so soft and silky. The expressions of the Multi colors of Alma and Sc bag which materialize in Kashmir and calf leather opens a new chapter in a legend characterized by richness.

SC Bag joins the creative designs of Louis Vuitton’s fashion boutique, as memorable designs that re-invented in small or mini form. Bags shine and flow with its soft curves and bold colors ranging from peach color to black and white.

Tote bag elegant and polished as if it keeps a lot of secrets, the precious rings in the handle inspired by the distinctive jewelry world of Louis Vuitton., which symbolizes (LV) the famous characters name. The leather subtly enhances the hidden pocket which innovated wonderfully. All the superior skills that characterize by LV fashion boutique concentrated in the magnificence of this bag, which re-tale femininity with all confidence meanings.  Elegant, rare and desirable every bag of them shines in fantastic flow. Enjoy the collection.


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