An ultimate guide to match your watch with your clothes

A wristwatch has a lot of power; it can either make or break your outfit. Thus, a watch is essential to a man’s outfit since men don’t wear a lot of jewelry. So, a watch can tell a lot about a man’s personality. But the main point is; a watch should be simple yet classic and sophisticated.

With that said, a man’s watch can fall in one of these five categories; diver’s watches, field watches, sports watches, dress watches, or pilot watches. Each category is manufactured for a given purpose, and you need to match it with any outfit for a given occasion to look great. Here are five tips to help you match your watch with your clothes.

1.      Matching Leather Watch with Leather Outfit

If you want to wear a leather-strapped watch, the next thing to think about is the color and material of your belt and shoes. It’s always easy to match shoes with a belt, so you start with that. The next thing is to look for a watch band that matches both. For example, you can choose a brown watch band with a brown belt and shoes. You can do the same with other colors. While your watchband must not necessarily be of the same color as your shoes and belt, it should be of a similar tone.

2.      Dress Watch for Sports Activities

Sports activities involve a lot of sudden and unpredictable movements. As such, dress watches are the most appropriate for such occasions. A dress watch’s dial, case, and strap have a protective material that can withstand the sudden physical movements and falls that comes with physically engaging activities. It helps you focus on the activity at hand as you won’t have to worry about your accessory falling off your wrist.

3.    Go for watches with Metal Bands

Metal bands can come in different colors, but the most common are silver and gold. Most metal straps will go well with black or brown shoes. However, gold watches match the best with beige, tan, brown, and other brownish colors. On the other hand, silver watches go well with shoes and clothes that are either gray, black, or other bluish colors.  

4.         Bend Rules with Heirloom 

Heirloom jewelry represents an important memory of the owner’s life. Most people wear it to remember such memories or as something to bring luck into their lives. It is simply are minder of one’s history or culture, which means it doesn’t have to be trendy. Thus, you can bend the above rules with an heirloom. Some companies have emerged that are making such heirlooms from the ashes of a loved one to make beautiful pieces.

5.      Match Watch Strap to Formality of Outfit

You need to remember two things when it comes to this point. One is that watches with leather bands are regarded as more formal than the metal ones, and the other is that brown leather is less formal than black leather. Gold and silver are not suitable for many formal events but can be suitable for any dressy occasion. If your leather watch is rugged or rough, it will not be included in the ‘leather for formal’ rule. Instead, it should be worn with casual outfits like jeans and not suits.


To look great in any watch, make sure it’s a perfect fit. It should be in proportion to the wearer’s body.  Thin men should not go for watches with robust faces; instead, they should wear slim watches. If you need to check on a variety of watches online, don’t forget to look for the best watches for sale from reputable online stores. Use the above tips to match your watch with your outfits. What’s more, these tips also apply to ladies’ watches as well.

About the author;

This article was written by guest author Camila Merashi.