Ancient Egyptian Eye Makeup

The Pharaonic Woman is very clever in all cosmetic means, our greatest ancestral left for us heritage and civilization in all life areas, because Pharaohs had their lead in all cosmetic means. The ancient Egyptian women’s cared about beauty so much in many methods which in many ways very similar to the current methods in the finest beauty centers, so we’ll see in the Following lines  how the Pharaonic woman cared about her beauty with whatever means and materials that are suitable for her.

The most prominent characteristic of the ancient Egyptians faces is the big drawing eyes with the black kohl. The most important materials that used in making the black kohl is metallic material called the black galena, which was sold in a form of fine powder mixed with an aqueous solution of Arabic gum, as they have therapeutic benefits in healing the eye diseases.

Kohl is one of the most important means of beauty by Egyptian women and Kohl bottles were made ​​of copper and polished silver.

The ancient Egyptian women were passionate by painting her lips and cheeks with red dyes, she used a substance called the red Alahirh and this is one of hematite ore, and is located in the Eastern Desert in Egypt. This substance mixed with oil by using a feather, and then used in adorning the face. These dyes extracted from red flowers called the safflower plant.

The ancient Egyptian beautiful queens characterized by the breathtaking beauty like the queen Cleopatra; she is very elegant and extremely intelligent, she exceeded the beauty of the face and body to the beauty of the captivity personality.

 Nefertari is one of the most beautiful queens and her name means the beautiful of the beautiful of the world

Hatshepsut is one of the beauties queens in Egypt which is the first one who wear embroidered gloves with gem stones to hide a defect in her fingers, because she had six fingers on one hand but no one discover the existence of this defect until after her death, because she always ordered the sculptors to create statues with normal hands.

In conclusion, it is clear that the pharaoh’s women focused on their beauty in various ways and means, because the pursuit of beauty is exist in each woman’s instinct since ancient times.

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