Animal print fashion trend

Spots have tendency to break out at unexpected moments. The collection for summer gave early warning of the major outbreak of leopard and ocelot spots, Tiger and Zebra stripes and Giraffe prints that swept, full force, through the summer season. The designers have shown their masterly collection of blouses, shirts, scarves, bags and dresses.

In small does, animal prints have an undeniable sophistication: fashion designers had made a point of them for years. T-shirts and blouses took animal style into the urban jungle- they’ve been seen on the back of the streetwise every-where in summer.

Who knows how long the epidemic will last? By autumn it may be a feverish fashion memory, and we’ll emerge immune. In the meantime, some unlikely fashion heroes and heroines have risen to the fore; Tarzan the Flintstone and that strong-woman of Coro-nation Street.

Do not wear your whole outfit in animal prints so you will not seem so embroidered. If you would like to wear the leopard print in an elegant style avoid those short cuts and those that expose a lot of the chest part at the same time. Enjoy the collection of the animal prints casual wear.