Azza Fahmy Jewelry


In sterling silver and gold, Azza fahmy collection consists of remarkable multi surfaced necklaces, cuffs, earrings, rings and a made to classify belt in a 3d design. Azza Fahmy used very conventional method at her industrial unit, so we can see a few more space vantage formats. Combining the ultramodern outlines with their hand crafted practices.

Azza Fahmy shared aspiration for pure craftsmanship where exciting and pioneering drawing is the only hero. This is born out with the open work techniques; she practical to create geometric cuts and designs that carefully imitate the outline of lace fabric. Textured finishes combine with print and architectural shapes to create inscription and unified look that aesthetically balanced the collection.

With Azza Fahmy’s worldwide cooperation taking the worldwide fashion cognoscenti by storm, we can’t wait to see what Egypt’s most modern home mature talent comes up with next.

Enjoy the collection.

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