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You are now on the step of entering a new phase of your life; and it happened to be the stage of the university. You should take into account that there is a difference between the school stage and university.

Do not try to prove that you have become a mature woman and to expense in your look and your appearance, because the result will remain inappropriate for your age. It is just simple touches you will add to transform your look and always Know that Simplicity is the secret of success.

To achieve this success always choose comfortable clothes that help you spend a long day at the university. There are some basic items to fit for fall season and the university. First of them the white blouse; it consider as an important piece that should be in your wardrobe.

Whether you are a college girl or a working girl because it’s practical and can suits all times and could be converted from Casual to Formal with some addition.

Pop colors have fallen dramatically as fashion base trends, but they still exist a little bit. Focus on certain colors such as yellow and blue cobalt as they are positive colors and given a joyful feeling. Only reduce on your accessories when choosing a stark color.

Cardigans are generally from the most basic pieces that their presence is essential in your wardrobe because they are very practical and easy to wear. In addition of their forms, styles and prints, choose a printed one and wear it with a striped neutral tee.  Enjoy the styling ideas and have a successful college year.

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