Beach hijabi swimming suits by Yasmine Khattab

Talented, young and pretty; Yasmine Khattab the Egyptian fashion designer is presenting her latest designs in fashionable clothing and in Turban styles. People said that Yasmine is the “Turban queen” because she is the most popular designer in turbans and ladies accessories.

Not only Yasmine is the most popular designer in fashion clothing and turbans but also she prove her big talent in designing the modest swimming suits just to satisfy all the modest ladies that are wearing hijab.

The big success of Yasmime Khattab did not come from nothing, but she suffered a lot to achieve her biggest dream and she went through many disappointed stages but at the end her designs are selling worldwide.

Her biggest dream is to open a store in Paris to sell her creative fashionable clothing and her amazing turbans to the modest ladies in the European countries.

Yasmime Khattab is always feeling grateful to what she became now to her mother and her sisters, they always in charged her to continue and to leave away any silly comments from other people.

Yasmime Khattab appeared a lot in all kinds of media such as television and social magazines, which mean that her designs are very special and unique.

We are wishing her the best of luck and if you want to follow Yasmime Khattab facebook page here is the link jorian.designs