Beautiful hijab evening dresses


Be a beautiful queen with this magnificent evening collection by creative hijabi designers; as it embossing the lace to sequin fabrics to the luxurious satin. These evening fashion dresses can make a big impact on anyone who sees you wearing them.

This collection is the real address of the current fashion season with all the riches of the beautiful details and the exquisite designs, each piece is very unique and has a great touch of creativity makes it closer to a piece of art.

This lovely collection stands for charm embodied in the used fabrics. The designs embroidered in elegant style, in addition to the solitude of the attractive colors that abound them.

There are a lot of hijabi women who be acquainted with what to wear for which event. On the other hand, there are also those who have no sign as where to begin to get that just right dress for the occasion.

This exquisite evening collection for the veiled women can suit engagement and cocktail parties. They are rich and luxurious at the same time in beautiful designs and colors. Enjoy the classy collection.


Their facebook page Ajmal Fashion 


hijab-soiree-dress classy-evening-soiree-dress-hijab-style classy-soiree-hijab-dress

elegant-red-soiree-dress-hijab-look soiree-blue-hijab-dress black-hijab-soiree-dresswhite-classy-hijab-dress peach-hijab-soiree-dress evening-soiree-dress evening-hijab-modest-dress pink-soiree-hijab-dress white-evening-hijab-dressbeautiful-hijab-soiree-dress amazing-blue-dress