Beautify your images to boost your fashion brand on Instagram

Editing Instagram pictures at the professional level isn’t a cakewalk. A high-quality photo will always invite more followers, but you need to market them as well. The ultimate roadmap to crafting awe-inspiring Instagram post is to start with a quality photo.

  • When you’ve outdoor portraits, close up, or dim light, our smartphone camera’s HDR mode is your best friend.
  • If inspiration or time straps you, you can customize stock photography. You’ve a whole broad world of quality, free photography to choose from.
  • Treading this path can be a smart choice for companies that don’t have physical tools ready for release.
  • It’s important to choose your filter. Explore the throng of options to find a filter that gels well with your brand aesthetic.

The world of Afterlight 2

IG is more popular than ever and posting and editing images to perfection have become essential to make your account stand out.

  • If you’ve a fashion line or a photographer, you’d undoubtedly spend a lot time researching the most compatible camera model along with the best lenses.
  • Knowing the best photo-editing software or/and app to boost your Instagram feed and invariably draw traffic is important.
  • If you have good photo and need to create a hype around it, you can buy automatic Instagram likes from trusted websites.
  • Afterlight is a sensational paid app. It definitely is worth every mention. Its simplicity and quality make it so enjoyable.
  • Its functionality and interface are second to none. It has built-in standard editing properties that you’d expect from any high-caliber and well-known app.
  • These are Exposure, Contrast, Saturation and RBG Shadow lines/tones, which you can always adjust.
  • Afterlight is outstanding it terms of filters. It offers plenty of filters, each offering a different and distinct aesthetic appeal.
  • They are different from what you find on standard Instagram features. You can stack the concerned filters and add a wide variety of shades and frames.
  • When you combine them with sophisticated editing tools and have the bandwidth to export images in high resolution, you can really make beautiful compositions.
  • One of the most popular Afterlight features is textured filters, the one with light leaks.
  • The filters have premium quality and when you use them on the right picture, it can give an organic look to the light flares.
  • Every effect and filter in afterlight are adjustable, providing you with complete authority over the production.

The Afterlight 2

If you’re looking for classy and unique filters, welcome to Afterlight 2. It has a massive assortment of vintage and old school filters. They are an upgrade from the ones that come with Instagram.

  • Afterlight 2 has come cool designs and effects that enable you to add text and different types of typographies to your pictures.
  • For your fashion line, you can choose from 50 plus hand-picked styles/fonts to infuse some unique tough and flair to your snaps.
  • You can get creative with a fascinating library of artwork from Afterlight 2.
  • You can also manage layers on your images by re-arranging, returning, and deleting them any time. Editing is just so easy.
  • You can thus capture the attention of your audience by layering a fancy headline on your image instead of penning a caption.
  • It’s a great opportunity to advertise a sale, promote a new product, run a context, build a hype for a function, and get more traffic and draw attention to your bio link.

Give a vibe to your feed

The perfect IG picture doesn’t exist. You need to capture, curate, conceptualize, and then edit it till completion. This is what most fashion brands do on IG. When you have a cluster of editing tools out there, including those colorful filters that the platform provides, Afterlight is one of the more viable/popular choices.

  • It’s updated version, Afterlight 2 is creating waves in the circuit. However, by just paying $3 and downloading it is not enough to kickstart your Instagram influencing and promotion.
  • If you want to become a professional in picture editing, you need to know the right way of editing it. Afterlight can get you there.
  • It has created that buzz by dint of its personalization features, including the bandwidth to make your own filters. You can even create a consistent and common aesthetic for your pictures.
  • It also allows you to utilize the pinch zoom aspect to discover the finer properties of your photos and make the edits more precise.
  • Although there are numerous similar editing actions that you can experiment with on Afterlife 2.0, general beginners can find some tips to start their journey.
  • There is a plethora of Afterlight features that can help in tweaking photo unless it meets your specifications and standards.
  • These include Adjustment Tools, Revert, Light and Dust Leak Overlays, Adjustment Tools, Frames and Text, and Copy and Transform.
  • While some of the aforementioned tools are simpler, Crop and Transform enables you to flip the photo or crop it in any direction you want.
  • With Frames and text, you can add words and border to your photo. Other sections necessitate a little more practice and patience.
  • You also have adjustment tools like Grain, Tint, and Highlights, where most of the editing takes place.

The other options

There are numerous other options to edit your photos and create a scintillating fashion profile. Adobe Lightroom CC, the mobile version, is a great tool.

  • It’s a variant of adobe suite tool/application. It comes with numerous presets that provide a great quality to your photos.
  • The app comes free of cost, though a subscription will enable you to unlock a slew of features.
  • It also has a professional grade look and feel to it. Its lighting capabilities and color make your IG photos a cut above the rest.
  • Snapseed is another favorite for fashionistas and fashion brands. If you want to touch up your photos before uploading them to IG, you can opt for this tool.
  • It’s easy to navigate and contains no frills. The tools tab provides a slew of intuitive editing features.
  • It doesn’t contain extensive filter options, but it does provide a range of auxiliary features that compensate that void.

Author Bio: Karen is a Business Tech Analyst. She is very responsible towards her job. She loves to share her knowledge and experience with her friends and colleagues.