Best comfortable sneakers for girls

With a long line of ever versatile and immensely coveted array of simple, statement off-duty looks, of pricey and affordable sneakers, one is never at a loss. Spotted everywhere sneakers have the magic touch to make any outfit stand out, casualizing even the most formal of outfits.

Trainers have long ventured out of their usual domain to fashion runways, and to the most festive of red carpet events with highly luxurious silhouettes. Some might say it’s just about the right time to ditch the classic all-white leather sneakers and turn things around with other off duty trends such as the ugly shoes, Seinfeld shoes or wedges.

Think again. White trainers have the power to go with everything, make one look really put together and at the top of your game. Pristine-looking white sneaks are amongst the go-to wardrobe staples that add certain edginess to an ensemble especially those that are of feminine features.

Be it a sweater skirt combo, a leather jacket or cashmere overcoat, a pleated skirt you name it and that classic crisp looking all-white sneaker will surely add in an eye-catching element. Versify your classic picks of designer leather kicks with a pair of Stan Smith sneakers; ripple sole, low top ones, foam lace-ups, a slip on pair, or water-proof canvas styles in the same plain white theme.

Since all-white sneakers don’t stay that white for long without a freaking doubt, athletic comfy designs of elaborate and embellished themes. Turn things around with glittery and sparkly sneaks in all the colors under the rainbow.

 Sport metallic themes of gold, silver or other rich colorful trainers; velvet made its way into off-duty shoes with a rich pallet that can easily be paired with outfits appropriate for any occasion. Amongst the classic sneaks that are key element to celebrities-obsessed looks are pumped up and chunky dad sneakers.

A pair of these does add a certain avant-garde flair to lots of outfit ideas and not just jeans and a tee. There’s no such a thing as enough of retro kicks silhouettes, comfy unisex styles or studded themes to stand out with an air of flair. Scroll down for more trendy looks of this most favorable footwear.

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