Best Eye Makeup Products for 2020

Playing up with the eyes is very important and eye makeup is something one needs to do every day. Basic eye makeup can make one look prominent and make their face look bright in every possible way. Even if one is wearing a very basic outfit and going out for a casual evening walk or a coffee session, a basic and right amount of eye makeup can alleviate the entire look.

Hence one must have the necessary eye makeup products on their makeup box always. Also most of the eye makeup is available at a very reasonable price and one does not have to spend a fortune for it. Hence if one wants to make their eye makeup box up to date, here are a few essentials they must add to it.

 A black kajal

This is the very basic and almost every woman owns a black kajalEyeliner these days. This is the very first product one must invest in if they are completely new to the eye makeup zone. One can go for a single swipe kajal or a pigmented kajal which can brighten up the eyes and give them some more definition. One can also opt for a kajal which has a smudge proof formula so that they can stay intact even if the weather is humid or it is raining. Apart from basic black kajal one can go for some colored ones as well like copper brown or smoky blue to add some more vibe to the eyes.

Black eyeliner

Another basic product which is needed to enhance the eyes. This can take the eye makeup to the next level. Yes, applying eyeliner can be a bit difficult but these days it has become easier because messy liquid eyeliners have been replaced by the gel ones. One can make their eyes look pretty vibrant with these. Again apart from the black one, it is a good idea to try some other colors like electric blue or smoky green.


Mascara is a game changer when it comes to eye makeup. One can pick their favorite color and a coat or two of it can make the eyes and lashes look much bigger. In fact, if one does not want to put kajal or eyeliner on a regular basis then a good volume of mascara can fit the bill and makes the eyes look wider.

Eyebrow pencil

If one is doing proper eye makeup then there has to be application of eyebrow pencils. One can fill the brows and it can define the other facial features. This can enhance the entire face without putting much effort to it. When one is choosing an eyebrow pencil them one must pock one which is a shade lighter than the color of the original brows so that one can get a natural finish.

 A neutral eye shadow palette

Though it is not an essential but if one is going to a party or an evening get together then it can make the eyes look stunning.

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