Best hijab colours to wear with denim

Certain hijab colours work really well with jeans. Since in winters many of us wear skinny denims with brown or black long boots and ankle booties, try matching the colour of your hijab with the shoes for a stylish look.

Amongst dark colours; different shades of black, blue, brown and purple look best with denim. While amongst lighter ones, pastel shades are highly recommended, especially when you’re wearing jeans with a white top in summers.

If you’re looking for an outfit with slimming effects then the best way is to wear dark coloured denims and let the colour of the hijab be at least one tone darker than your top. You’ll also find that such colour coordination will bring an instant glow to your face.

Don’t Go Overboard with Denim

If you’re incorporating denim in your outfit as well as hijab, then keep the rest of the things simple. In particular, stay away from denim accessories such as shoes or handbags as it will just overdo things. That of course doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t dress up.

Wear your favourite heels, statement jewellery and red lipstick with denim as being modest never means that you need to compromise on style.

About the guest author:

Sarah is a fashion stylist and consultant who love to explore new ideas for modern Islamic wear for women. She happily shares her passion at Modanisa.