Blanket ponchos street styles


Fall/winter season is all about how to feel warm, cozy while keeping it in style. Ponchos are fashion’s layering trend with which to nail this effortlessly. They are amongst the prominent must-haves of this fall/winter season with a variety of styles, colors, lengths and luxurious fabrics.

There’s no particular style or length to fix on and they’re available in small fitted styles as well as huge, heavy and long styles that give the feel of more of a blanket which is the dominating modern style this year.

These layering pieces are so easy to pair with skinnies, boyfriend jeans or flares. They do accentuate the look of a turtleneck, skinnies and a pair of thigh-high boot combo which is the easiest outfit in which to slip.

Swap your regular picks of jackets for one of these trendy garments. Blanket ponchos are an elegant take on smart-casual wear. So, Keep it simple or aim at super glam kind of sophisticated chic.

To avoid the uneasiness of feeling bulky or unflattering as you style these super cozy garments, keep the whole outfit in one color theme. Or, add your own touch to style a blanket poncho and emphasize your waistline with a belt.

Don’t feel intimidated to pair a poncho with a long dress and high boots as this is a really cute one for this time of year. Breathe in new life to your picks for blanket ponchos with new motifs.

Try out Boho vibe prints with bold colors and fringe detail. Plaid patterns are a classic staple pattern. Give it a bit of a shake with poncho rich in color. Don’t just stick to earthy tones or blacks and whites; instead be on the hunt for the most sought color of this season which is dark green.

Scroll down for more super cozy ponchos to add to your collection. And, remember there’s no such a thing called enough of ponchos.

About the author;

This article was written by guest author Reham selim.