Bow pants and high waisted pants styling ideas

High waisted pants are on the rise this fall season and they are definitely not fading away any time soon. Build up your own collection of high waisted tie knot pants for business casual outfits. Pick your favorite pair and see how to make them work for you.

Try out the slim straight leg stretch casual pants with pockets. But they don’t come only in slim styles or as long pencil ones , some are cropped , loose fitted or a bit baggy .Shop for these chic pants plain colored as they come in multi colors from which to choose .

Welcome earthy tones of fall into your closet with forest green or hunter green which are amongst the highly featured colors of this fall runways, through matching a pair of pants and a bag of these tones.

Upgrade your work outfits with earthy tones, pastel hues, or pick a pair of tie knot belt pants in plaid pattern which is the it -print this fall for shoes, ankle boots and bags. Black and white plaid high belt pants won’t be hard to spot in many retailer stores this fall. Tie the knot on the side for a bit of a different look.

When it comes to tie knot belt pants, you have to be aware of how to make them work for you. Wear a tucked-in top, otherwise what’s the point of wearing high waisted pants when you’re only going to be covering them with an un-tucked top? Say no to the blousy top when pairing it with such a style.

They provide lots of coverage, and a blousy top made of a lot of fabric will compete with that. Crop tops are made for high-waist pants, so make a good use of such a combo. Avoid short, bulky jackets as they create a boxy shape and make the waist look wider removing the hourglass shape, which the high waist pants achieve.

Wear your correct size and avoid ill-fitting high waisted pants in all their styles as they achieve a better look when they’re in your correct size. We’ve gathered a cute collection for you, trendy girls that will give you a peek on these chic pants.

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