Bridal hair accessories and make up tips

The world of fashion is varying often, there are many stylish hair accessories are introducing regularly. For a dreamy bride that want a flattering hair style there are many dreamy looks to choose from, some styles are really simple and the hair piece accent make your look truly unique.

Headbands are back with a wide variety of fresh updated styles which can be paired with every day outfits and not just fancy dressy themes.

Bridal crowns and tiaras are designed using many kinds of metals and gem stones; some of them are pearls and gold. Putting a pearls headband is very attractive if you wish to truly show off your style.

For bridal makeup

Try to choose good make up kit so you can use it for a long time; you have to select some quality products that boast the best brands for your specific needs.

Eye shadow with a little shimmer can give your eyes a little sparkle without having to use it too much.

Putting the right eye makeup can creates shine and getting attention to your eyes. The darkest eye shadow can be applied all over the eye lid, or in the crease, depending upon the shape of your eye and the look you desire.

To keep your bright eye makeup in balance, try a stronger blush, and keep your lips pale with a light gloss.