Bright comfy casual hijab

Spring season is all about bright comfy casual; in this time of the year Prude store is presenting their lovely collection to the veiled women. The collection came in bright colors as usual and in simple and comfortable designs.

The most amazing thing about Prude’s collection is the lovely flowy maxi dresses; they came in different prints and in beautiful bright colors. These relaxed maxi dresses and stylish outwears are perfect for summer weekends, whether you like to match your maxi dress with a cute cardigan or a classy blazer it’s up to you, it’s also depend in the occasion that you are going to.

Today, we’ve got some lovely spring outfits ideas from Prude’s store. All of them are fashionable and trendy to give you an absolutely trendy look in the new season. Every girl will love the adorable little floral print dress for a fresh spring; wear your color popping blazer with a statement necklace and you are ready to go.

I’m a big fan of the cardigan or open sweaters as a third piece. Depending where you are going to, they can play a role in your wardrobe most of the year. Great for spring, summer and fall. Enjoy the Prude and style store spring collection.