Burberry trench coats collection

Burberry fashion had launched from many years ago, and the use of the gabardine fabric succeeded in their designs. Burberry was very famous in designing the military jackets to the army officers to become part of the popular events such as the First World War. The military officers used Burberry jackets that carried numerous and distinctive buttons among the First World War, as well Burberry jackets worn by the explorers during their travels when they were discovering the summit of Everest and the North Pole.

The military trench jackets with various lengths and designs are the most popular among girls and women, who love to wear the Burberry original pieces. Burberry trench jackets are characterized by numerous buttons, large pockets and wide collars.   

This winter season the wool and fur fabrics appeared in Burberry’s fashion shows and they showed in diverse designs in dark colors to bear up the cold of the winter season.

Many years was separating the Western ideas which precede their age, and the success which confirms the versatility of the idea over the years, to dig famous marks in the fashion world over the years. Burberry managed to invade the fashion capitals with efficiency and excellence for more than 150 years without a competitor in their specialty.

In this collection I present a whole look for winter season by adding the elegant Burberry trench coats with a matching handbag and of course putting some accessories to complete the look

Enjoy the collection.

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Burberry trench coat 9 s Burberry trench coat 11 s Burberry trench coat 7 s Burberry trench coat 10 d