Burkini swimwear for hijabi women

Whether you’re in for fun time in the sun on beachside or poolside, you’ll definitely be doing that in style this summer. Modest swimwear is never out of options when it comes to versatile swimsuits each season. And it’s way beyond merely shedding layers or being draped in oversized t-shirt and pants.

Upgrade your swimsuits for this summer with the ever growing styles of covered-up swim sets. As black still dominates the modest swimsuits market, versify your picks with bright printed accents for the upper garment.

Go for a bit of floral prints, bold boho patterns, or trending animal prints and get beach-ready like no other. Update your full-coverage burkini collection with matching sets and monochromatic colors from black to bright purple. Turban-style swim caps are another variation on burkinis which add a touch of freshness and put-together feel to covered swimwear.

Shop for swim caps that are available in different styles such as; ruche detailing and eye-catching colors. For all you beachgoers, rock lycra wrap up knee-length top over slim fit leggings in bold colors such as olive green or a red and black set.

Opt for a long swim-top, contrast neck panel detail and front zip for a figure flattering fit paired with ankle length swim leggings. For just laying back on the pool or by the beach, opt for elegant cover-up kaftans.

Rock these chic embellished swim cover-up kaftans and enjoy their float-y silhouettes, luxurious beaded details, colorful fringes or tassels on the sleeves.

 Prance around the pool in a mint, soft pink or white crochet detail ponchos. Browse these options of cute swimming costumes to bathe yourself in the amazing summer sunshine in style.

About the author;

This article was written by guest author Reham selim.