Buying Guide of Alexandrite Gemstone

Gemstones are one of the most amazing creations of nature. They amaze with their beauty and inherent cosmic energy that can change your life. Alexandrite is a coveted gemstone that has an extremely rare and phenomenal color changing property. This gemstone appears vivid green in sunlight while its color transcends to red under artificial lights.

First mined in the 1830s in the Takovaya district of Ural Mountains, it is named after Czar Alexander II. For ages, alexandrite represented the imperial Russia. Even now, it is a highly popular gemstone which is mined in many other countries apart from Russia and has ahigh natural alexandrite price.

Alexandrite Stone-An Overview

As a variety of chrysoberyl, alexandrite represents a rare change of color which is strongly trichroic. Like other color changing gems, the color of alexandrite has a nearly equal transmission of red and blue-green portions from the color spectrums. The color and its intensity depend on the spectral strength of light source to which it is exposed.

Since incandescent lights are tilted to red, alexandrite appears more reddish under these lights while the balance is tipped to green under the balanced day light. Due to its unique property, this gemstone has led to the term ‘The Alexandrite Effect’. This term is commonly used to describe the gems that change their hue.

How to Buy the Right Type of Alexandrite

Along with its stunning looks, alexandrite also holds strong mystical powers. If you make the right selection, this gemstone can bring immense fortune and wealth to your life. It also enhances the feeling of love and romance. Those facing emotional turmoil can benefit by wearing alexandrite that increases their emotional well-being and confidence.

To avail of alexandrite gemstone benefits, you should find the right type of stone by considering these factors.

Examine the Color

Since color is a major factor of quality for any gemstone, it is the first thing that you should examine before buying alexandrite stone as well. In this particular gemstone, color change is an important quality factor. The Holy Grail is to find the stone where the color drastically transforms from green to red under different lights.

In the finest gemstones, it changes from slightly bluish green to a beautiful purple-red shade. The color change in alexandrite is represented in the form of a percentage by the sellers. A 100% change is definitely an ideal type of stone while you should avoid stones that display 30% or less of change.

Determine the Clarity

Alexandrite stone has a very few natural inclusions or flaws. The value of naturally clean stones is also high due to their strong luminescence and color change. However, finding a clean faceted stone above one carat can be rare. Typically, the inclusions found in alexandrite are parallel rutile silk or negative crystals. These rutile inclusions create an additional visual phenomenon called chatoyancy or the cat’s eye effect in the stone. Gemstones with cat’s eye effect are valued at a higher alexandrite price per caratdue to their rarity.

Look into the Cut

You will find alexandrite stones in a variety of cuts in the market. From plain cabochons to fancy shapes, this stone looks stunning in every way. Mostly, it is available in mixed cuts that include step-type pavilions and brilliant crown cuts. The concentric rows of parallel needles in step cuts look fascinating under any light source.

But, pleochroism of alexandrite makes it a difficult stone for the cutters. They have to orient the gem in a way that highlights its color change through its crow. A nicely cut stone has both green and purplish red pleochroic shades on the top.

Choose the Carat Weight

Most of the cut and fashioned alexandrite stones are available in a carat weight of less than one carat. Larger sizes of this gemstone are rare and extremely expensive. So, if you want a gemstone that weighs three or four carats, you’ll need to spend more on alexandrite price per carat.

Check the Origin

Russian alexandrite is definitely the best variety of this exceptional gemstone. It is rare and holds a distinctive historical value since mining of alexandrite is no more done in Russia. Brazilian and India alexandrite are the next popular origins after Russia. Their value is relatively low but they are equally fascinating in terms of color and beauty.

Indian alexandrite stone has a distinctively pure green hue as a dominant color. They have medium to light intensity of purple color. Brazilian stones have a bluish green color under daylight and it transforms into rich purple under incandescent lighting.

Sri Lanka is also a popular producer of this gem. Ceylonese alexandrite is generally larger than those found in other countries but they lack the superior color change. Tanzania and Madagascar are other countries that produce alexandrite.

Understand the Pricing

Apart from being a unique pleochroic gem, alexandrite is also an extremely expensive stone. It fetches prices similar to precious gemstones like emerald and ruby. But, here again, the prices are subjective to the quality of the gemstone. A low-quality stone with less clarity and flawed facet will get a much lesser price than a high-quality perfect stone.

Alexandrite stone pricecan be slightly low for lab-treated or heated stones that undergo the process of irradiation to improve their color and clarity. But, these stones lack the natural appeal of an untreated stone. Also, they do not possess the astrological benefits of a pure gemstone.

These are the things you need to consider when buying a semi-precious gemstone like alexandrite. There are many online sellers offering this gem at varied prices. The best way to judge and choose the best stone is to compare the prices and quality factors on various seller websites before making a final purchase.

Some reputed stores like also offer a free gemology lab certificate along with affordable pricing, free gemstone recommendation, and detailed catalogs. You should explore the range of gemstones at such seller stores and compare their prices with other leading stores as well.

With caution and right amount of research, you can find the best type of alexandrite for a ring that can add more sparkle to your wardrobe.

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