Casual hijab clothing for woman


The veiled modern woman is upbeat, sporty and open; her everyday look leans heavily on casual college sweatshirts and baseball jackets, but she loves to dress up in cute faded pastels, patterned blouses and maxi pleated skirts.

Nowadays the modern veiled woman is an icon; she always is an inspiration, even if she isn’t always a particular season’s big thing.

Most designers include a sporty element in their collections, because life became more practical and fast, so every woman should have in her wardrobe some casual sporty clothes.

We find in this casual collection colorful scarves and wrinkled materials, Global influences are updating the classic wardrobe.

We also see in this collection many comfortable yet trendy pieces in soft materials, a mix of really colorful, fun bright maxi skirts with soft pretty fabrics.

Girls tend to be a bit classy with color during winter, which I love. The warm weather can be quite inspiring.