Casual hijab wear styling ideas

Finely; summer is just around the corner; so we are offering a cute collection featuring all kind of casual wear, such as floral maxi dresses, simple blouses, floral pants, floral jumpsuits and more. As we know that the Jumpsuits is on fashion trend this season especially the floral printed one.

Woman can wear the striped jumpsuits with either a cardigan in medium length, for a casual morning style, or with a classic short blazer for a chic elegant look in the evening, It’s all depends on your taste. As well the denim casual shirt came in many degrees as its on trend this season also.

Woman can wear it with her favorite maxi skirt weather it is printed colors or in basic colors. As well some women like to wear her denim shirt with denim jeans too, but when you wear these two items together try to pick two different degrees of the denim and you can match a colorful scarf with the outfit as it present by Pinky store models.

The most interesting item in this collection is the printed tunic; all women love this tunic a lot because it suits all kinds of tastes, and also it will suit the plus size woman too. Another amazing item in this collection is the floral maxi dress; woman can wear this dress with a denim jacket or with a simple cardigan for a casual stylish look.

One of the most fashion trends of the season too is the floral pants; woman can find it in many store either online or in department stores too, here in this collection Pinky store present the floral pants in different styling ideas.

Woman can wear it with a simple top and a cardigan in basic color, or with a short jacket in basic color too, but do not ever wear printed pants with a printed jacket. At the end of our article I hope you enjoy the collection.