Charming statement necklaces


Here in our topic today we will see creative statement necklaces designs that look so stylish and chic, the collection is characterized by vitality and simplicity. The newest thing about this creative collection is using more than one fabric together like (leather and brass) and (polymer clay with stones).

The jewelry designers used these fabrics in modern way and in eastern styles too.

Using more than one fabric together; gives the designers more flexibility in their work and let them being able to mix more than one color in one design.

Summer 2015 is distinguished with some bright colors like yellow, blue, green, red, and coral and as well all the pastel colors.

Statement necklaces can be styled in more than one way and more than one style too. As well there are some double faces designs woman can wear them in different ways too. In addition woman can wear this jewelry with her different outfits.

Statement necklaces featuring summer bright colors; as we can see in this lovely collection the designer mixed more than one color together, to gives woman the opportunity to wear this stylish jewelry by more than one outfit.

The brass in this collection is the main fabric used by the designer; and woman can polished it and clean it easily in no time. You can use any cleaning polish in stores or you can use the initial ways like using a small lemon when cleaning it.

The collection as well featured brass polished with silver and gold, to give the jewelry more value. Enjoy the lovely collection

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