Chiara Ferragni women’s shoes


The Blonde Salad Chiara Ferragni created a new shoes collection that will be accessible in stores, in the beginning of spring 2014. The collection came in 9 designs is inspired by Chiara’s technique.

The fashionable blogger Chiara Ferragni show offs easy style that sorts from rocker sporty to lady’s sensational, and the main idea of the collection represent that assortment. From the gold glitter loafers to the blink eye glitter flats to the Lipstick Glitter Loafers, the collection comes out of unique styles, with something to present every fashion fan.
Chiara Ferragni’s idea for this collection comes from all the shoes she have been dressed in over the years, and all the flats she have always looked for but never found, every pair of her collection is exceptional and tells a special tale.
As well her new shoe line is also characteristics both fashionable loafers and high heel shoes. From comfortable and stylish slip-ons to elegant sandals and a selection of flat shoes for the hot season forward, the original line characteristics numerous desirable choices that are positive to entice even those who are hard to astonish.

Outstanding animal prints, fashionable metallic designs or clasps and studs embellished in some of the latest The Blonde Salad for Steve Madden shoes.

The blogger admitted that the fresh line is a sign of her fashion style and a possibility to create the styles that she always desired but was not capable to buy.  Enjoy the Chiara Ferragni women’s shoes collection.

chiara pink loaferschiara denim star loaferschiara golden eye loafers

CHIARA FERRAGNI lipstick loafers 15 s CHIARA FERRAGNI  Blink Eyes Loafers 11 a CHIARA FERRAGNI   Loafers 12 s CHIARA FERRAGNI  Blink Eyes Loafers 7 s

lipstick loafersCHIARA FERRAGNI  Blink Eyes Loafers 16 aCHIARA FERRAGNI  glitter Blink Eyes Loafers 14 s CHIARA FERRAGNI  lipstick Loafers 6 s CHIARA FERRAGNI loafers 9 s CHIARA FERRAGNI loafers 10 s CHIARA FERRAGNI loafers 4 s CHIARA FERRAGNI  panda loafers 8 s CHIARA FERRAGNI loafers 3 s CHIARA FERRAGNI ballerina 2 s CHIARA FERRAGNI   Loafers s