Chic scarves with statement necklaces


Fashion is all about creating a statement and owning it. In order to accomplish this you need to meticulously pick the kind of accessories that would create such an effect. Statement accessories are all about the style character you add to elevate an ensemble.

Creating a personal statement through accessories needs to be rich and versatile in inspiration and ideas. Unique statement earrings are more popular than ever for this fall/winter season.

Loom inspired earrings, hoops tied with headscarves, and fishbone jewelry were spotted on a-listed runways. With stand-out earring trend rocketing in 2018, you can also try out abstract gold shapes, oversized hoops, colorful tassels or bright Perspex and see how you’d work them out with your outfits.

Pearls have emerged in footwear and bags as well but they’re also highly featured as earrings on this fall runways. Mismatched earrings or single earrings are huge this fall and will stick around for the upcoming spring season of 2019, so it’ll be your staple for quite some time.

Though earrings have been taking over necklaces, statement necklaces are still coming on hard. Chains with all sorts of styles from the long heavy chains, to the Alpine-inspired pieces along with doubled-up ones add the kind of bling to elevate the dark colored themes of fall/winter season outfits. But you have to layer up in multiple gold chains to come out as fashion-forward.

Layered chains and earrings were featured with an into-the-woods theme with gold-covered leaf charms as well as delicate and ethereal leaves for a season inspired by nature.

If you’re more into boho-chic aura, this fall accessories trends take your side with boho feathers as staple pieces for both earrings and charms. Do scroll down for more ideas on statement accessories to pair with your sweaters and coats.

About the author;

This article was written by guest author Reham selim.