Choosing the Right Sunglasses for Your Face Shape

Soak up all that glorious sunshine in style – and comfort – when you find the perfect pair of sunnies to suit your face.

Enjoying those sun-drenched days? The only thing that makes spending time in the sunshine even better is finding your perfect sunglasses – adding comfort and style to your outdoor experience. So ditch the glare – and ditch those uncomfortable sunnies that just never seem to sit right – and get yourself the perfect sunglasses today!

Our fool-proof guide to choosing the right sunglasses online for your face shape will have you feeling confident choosing frames, styles, and colours so that you can go ahead and rock your look this summer…

Face shapes – and what they mean for your sunglasses style

There are four main face shapes and knowing yours plays a big role in knowing which sunglasses are going to suit you best. Once you know what’s what, you can feel confident buying sunnies online because you know what’s going to work for you. Here’s the low down…

Round-shaped face:

With gentler angles, round faces generally have soft, curved features. Key characteristics of those with round faces include:

  • the length of the face and width of the face are the same (or very similar)
  • the jawline is rounded, not angular
  • the cheekbones are generally the widest part of the face

If you have a round face shape your celebrity lookalikes include Emma Stone, Jordan Sparks, and Leonardo Di Caprio.

Oval-shaped face:

Similar to round faces, oval faced people have a rounded jawline and softer angles. They are typically characterised by:

  • wide cheekbones
  • rounded forehead
  • gentle narrowing at the forehead and down to a rounded jaw.

Celebrities with oval-shaped faces include Beyoncé, Rhianna, and Adam Levine.

Square-shaped face:

With minimal curves, square-shaped faces are characterised by:

  • angular features including the classic square jawline
  • equal width from forehead down to the jawline, without the cheekbones being noticeably wider.

Celebrities with square-shaped faces include Brad Pitt, Katie Holmes, and Kiera Knightly.

Heart-shaped face:

The heart-shaped face (sometimes also called a triangular-shaped face) doesn’t really relate to ‘curvy’ or ‘angular’ characteristics like the other face shapes outlined above. Instead, heart-shaped faces are characterised by:

  • the forehead and cheekbones being the widest part of the face
  • the face width tapering down to a narrower jawline and chin.

Both Reece Witherspoon and Ryan Gosling are good examples of heart-shaped faces.

Knowing your own face shape

So now you know the range of different face shapes, how do you know what you have?

Firstly, take a look in the mirror. It may be really obvious to you which category you fall into. (You may not even have to look in the mirror at all!) But if it’s not obvious, here are a few simple things to try…

  • The most accurate way to determine your face shape is to take measurements. Start by measuring from one ear to the other, and then from the top of your forehead to your chin.

Next, identify the widest part of your forehead and measure across. Do the same with the widest part of your jawline.

From these proportions, you’ll be able to determine what face shape you have.

  • If you’re after a quick and easy option, grab a whiteboard marker (or a bar of soap, eyeliner or lipstick if that’s what’s closer to you!) and stand in front of the mirror. Carefully trace around the reflection of your face. Now stand back and look at what shape you’ve drawn!

The perfect pair: finding the right sunglasses for you

Now comes the fun part! Take a look at our style guide for all the sunglasses that will best suit your face shape. We’ve also included a few dos and don’ts so you know what to avoid, too.

The perfect sunglasses for round-shaped faces

If you’re blessed with a round-shaped face you’re in luck. You can pull off some really fun looks like bright colours and prints. Shape-wise, geometric designs will complement your softer features. This means you can take your pick when it comes to strong, angular designs. Think rectangular frames, horizontal or Wayfarer-style designs.

The perfect sunglasses for oval-shaped faces

Oval tends to be the most versatile face shape, so if you’ve got your heart set on a particular pair of sunnies, chances are they’re going to suit you! Rectangular designs often complement oval faces really well, as do retro cat-eye frames. Stylists would generally encourage those with oval-shaped faces to stay away from oversized frames, but you can rest assured that most frames are going to look awesome. If you’re game, frames with embellishments and funky shapes will suit you really well.

The perfect sunglasses for square-shaped faces

Well, the good news for those with square-shaped faces is that you’ve got lots of styles to choose from! Rounded shapes like oval designs, cat-eye, and semi-rimless frames all work really well; as do butterfly-style designs. Designs that sit higher on the temples can complement a square face shape really well, and you can bring in a sense of playfulness with a dash of colour or patterned detailing.

The perfect sunglasses for heart-shaped faces

If you have a heart-shaped face there is a whole range of styles that are going to look fantastic! Wrap-around and wayfarer-style frames work really well for you, as do rimless designs. Avoid heavy, straight-topped edges and steer instead towards frames that feature exaggerated bottom edges.  Light-coloured frames will suit you well, and you can have fun with floral or tortoise patterns too.

Protection and style: choose your look

With our guide to choosing the right sunglasses for your face shape, you can shop with confidence in-store or online. Sunglasses can be the perfect way to add another statement piece to your summer wardrobe so find your style and share a bit of personality through your new look. After all, sunglasses are not only about protecting your eyes of getting rid of the glare, they’re also about reflecting your style so that you can feel your best and enjoy that sunshine! If you’re looking for the perfect sunglasses, check out Great Southern Sunnies for all the latest styles from international brands like Oakley, Dragon, Arnette, Ray-Ban, Carrera, Police, Bolle, Spy and Nike. With free express post within Australia and a price matching guarantee, what are you waiting for?

About the author; This article was written by guest author
Josh Southwell