Cities with the Most Interesting Street Fashion Trends

Some cities are known for their trendy people and branded shops. But that’s not all that makes a place stylish and fashionable. I believe that if you want to find out whether or not a place is stylish or not then take a look at the street fashion of that city. In my opinion, fashion is all about expression through clothing and is a form of art. So, when a city has that freedom, it’s truly a trendy and interesting place to live in and be yourself. If you like those ideas then book a ticket with dwt cheap flights to get a chance to express yourself.

Full Freedom of Expression is Refreshing

In this day and age, it makes me happy to see people accepting different cultures and appreciating all the different trends around the world. However, not all places are all that liberal when it comes to fashion. It’s natural for a person to dress up however they want and then feel happy. This complete freedom is refreshing. You can be a Goth, a pastel Lolita or just wear your PJs and no one will judge you. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you should follow any regulations at work or school but out on the streets, you should be allowed to dress as you please.

Tokyo, Japan

One of the most colourful cities in the world hasa very diverse culture. From super sophisticated to eccentric trends, the street itself is a catwalk in this city. But let’s focus on the Harajuku area because that’s where you’ll encounter some of the most amazing as well as eccentric street fashionistas ever. I generally love Japan for its culture as well as the pop culture but the cacophony of colour in the Harajuku area in the Shibuya district is quite inspiring. From the multi-coloured kawaii fashion to the brooding goths, you’ll want to snap a picture left and right. The best part is that there are shops that sell such outfits and accessories so you can join in the fun too! Proud to say that the pastel Lolita or the punk rock style is my favourite.

New York, USA

Known as the fashion hub around the world, it hosts one of the most famous fashion weeks in the world. At the turn of the 20th century, New York began giving more importance to fashion and now it has some of the more renowned fashion editors, designers, and journalists. Some of the major fashion brands from clothing to cosmetic originated from here. While the official fashion world flocks here each year, New York also has a very liberal atmosphere, letting people dress however they wish. Generally, when I visited this city I felt that everyone was extremely trendy here with their expensive branded clothes and accessories and at the same time, the people rocking those thrift store clothes make the streets very trendy.

Copenhagen, Denmark

Home to the Nordic bohemian movement where it’s believed that everything people own has value. Therefore, you’ll see people rocking the most comfortable and minimalist outfits ever. This makes Copenhagen feel like a very sophisticated and comfy city to visit where you can wear your old clothes and still be fashionable. Rather than wearing vibrant clothes, you’ll see people wear mostly dark clothes. Plus there’s a whole culture surrounding comfort in Denmark. People believe that fluffy blankets, candles and your favourite beverage is the best thing in life.

London, England

Now, this city was stylish since the Regency era! Style and fashion is an important part of English history and some of the most luxurious and complex dresses were worn by the aristocrats back in the day just for the sake of being fashionable. Now, London has a very elegant fashion vibe but that’s not all. The neo-punk to random street fashion as well as the gothic fashion, it’s a delight to explore the fashion scene in this Victorian city. London is also home to some of the most popular and elegant brands around the world. From fine tailoring to exquisite branded items, it’s definitely one of the more stylish cities in the world.

Paris, France

The name of the city itself is synonymous to fashion. From chic trends to the classier outlook, most of the modern fashion trends originated from here. Host to one of the biggest fashion weeks and plenty of fashion-related events, Paris is the home city to many popular brands. In the romantic and elegant vibe of the city, you’ll see people dressed to impress. I personally think that it’s a wonder how style comes naturally to Parisians. Its reputation in the fashion scene is so good that internationally, it is ranked as the most stylish city ever. Even back in the day, most people would come here just to shop for the trendiest clothes money could buy.

Milan, Italy

There are plenty of fashionable cities in Italy, Milan is known as one of the important fashion capital around the world. Throughout the 20th century, the designers in Milan rose to fame and the city expanded its role in the fashion world. Host to one of the major fashion weeks in the world, the overall people in the city seem pretty stylish too. It’s also home to some of the most classic and renowned fashion brands that are recognized all over the world. If you do decide to visit this beautiful and trendy city during the fashion week, make sure you take a stroll around to see what people are wearing because trust me the locals there dress to impress. Great place to inspire aspiring fashion designers.

Seoul, South Korea

The birthplace of the famous K-pop music genre, it’s a very stylish place to visit. And while K-fashion has been slowly getting popular in other countries and getting the recognition it deserves, the music is far more popular. However, recently the Seoul Fashion Week is bringing in some great ideas along with some androgynous fashion. I guess for the more liberal, gender-fluid people, this is one of the dream cities to travel to.

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