Classic casual outfits for woman


Practical fashion style is one of the most popular styles among many women, especially the working women.

This practical style has advantage to mix between elegance and practicality at the same time. With ages development the majority of women are working so every woman is always searching for the comfortable and the classic items to be suitable with the working conditions.

We find that the office strictly style is gradually confined and women are searching for more comfortable clothes with a mixture of official and casual style at the same time.

These designs characterized by simplicity, elegance and classiness, the pencil skirts pairing with chic blazers, in addition we see jackets and the coats in fine attractive Styles. As well we see pants in wide cuts with high waists. Designers create items with cuts close to the body and define the waist in clear attractive looks.

This casual, classical collection is suitable for the active working women. In this collection I use jeans pairing with blazers to give more casual look to the outfit.

Woman can wear satchel bags to balance the outfit and make to appropriate for work. I didn’t use so many accessories in these outfits, just a simple necklace and a sun-glass, because work did not need exaggeration. Try to be simple and wear what is suitable to your body. Enjoy the collection.

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lace vest for work

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