Classy and trendy sporty shoes

Shoes are one of the most important component of every outfit. How many of us dream with an enormous shoe rack filled with the most rad styles of shoes, boots and sneakers? Not just you!

Your shoes tell much about your personality and can amp up you’re outfit – from casual to formal and back again.


We are happy to announce that comfort in its most trendy form is back as sporty shoes!

Yes! The sneakers are the item you need in your wardrobe – they go with every season and style, they’re getting girly as well!


Feel free to get comfortable without sacrificing style. This season and more to come (we hope), sneakers are in it to finish your outfit in an unique style. Sneakers are not only for running or casual wear – they have upgraded to cult status.


They are now combined with sequinned dresses, lady-like A-shape skirts and all that is girly. Of course you can opt to use them with your jeans and sweater! That’s always been that way.



The main news is that sneakers are now classy and trendy. They have arrived with all sense of style and are now available in a wide range of shapes, colours and even optional charms like pompons!


Combine your silver plaid long skirt and sweatshirt with some rad sneakers and you’re ready to go! You can accessorise them and add charms to the ties or even tie them around the ankle.


You also have the high-heeled sneaker – not forsaking the style, these come in a sleek shape that works wonders with your legs on tight trousers or finishing of a classy black skirt.Basically, this new trend covers all styles and finishes your outfits fitting your personality. Take a look at these:



hot-fushia-sneakers   louis-vuitton-sneakers

 Guest writer; Jane Grates.

 janegrates1   Writing from Copenhagen, Denmark, Dan is an entrepreneur, wife and ultramarathon distance runner. Her time is mostly spent on, & and she has been featured on runner and fashion blogs all over the world.