Classy braided hairstyles for a chic appearance

Women love to style their hair for different occasions, but there comes a time when they run out of options and go back to the simple hairstyles for every look. All of you might know how exciting it feels when you try a new hairstyle as it adds a charm to your outfits and overall appearance. But when you think of going back to simple and plain hairstyles, you start to feel out of style and boring.

To help you elevate your looks, we have arrayed six stylish and classy hairstyles that will offer you a chic appearance. Moreover, you can try them for any occasion, be it formal or casual, and continue to look stylish and fashionable.

  1. Messy Braided Hairstyle:

You can try this chic and impressive messy braided hairstyle for casual occasions. Tie a loose braid and slightly pull-off the hairs to create a messy appearance. If you have a warm apricot shaded hair colour, then the messy braided hairstyle will be the best pick for your personality. You can try this hairstyle with any outfit such as jeans and tops, dresses, or even short skirts.

  • Messy Braided Half Updo Hairstyle:

Women with long and thick hair can try the messy braided half updo hairstyle for their office or casual looks. You can try this hairstyle with any simple or formal outfit as it is bound to look gorgeous with any type of garment. If you have a mixed blond shaded hair colour, then this hairstyle will look perfect on you.

  • Fishtail Braided Hairstyle:

Are you running out of styling options for your straight blonde hair? Try the fishtail braid, which is captivating and elegant for an elevated look. This hairstyle is suitable for all occasions and outfits, which makes it quite versatile, among other hairstyles. So whether you want to wear a long dress or a denim and crop top, you can choose this fishtail braided hairstyle and enhance your looks. You can even try to add floral accessories onto the hair while you try it on your beach holidays or a prom night.

  • Fishtail Braided Hairstyle With A Bow:

If you want to enhance your fishtail braid, consider creating a soft and captivating bow at your braid’s exact starting point. Make sure to keep the hairs as loose as possible to make it look cool and appealing. Women with golden hair can try this hairstyle as the bow looks fascinating in the gold shade. You can try this hairstyle for special occasions like prom nights, dinner dates, or grand parties.

  • Messy Side Bun Hairstyle:

Try the messy side bun with two small braids while attending any wedding or a cultural event. You can even adorn it by adding a pearl or diamond hair brooch. This hairstyle will fit perfectly with the party wear kurtis or any long gowns. So make sure you try it for adding a stylish oomph to your personality.

  • Twist Back Hairstyle:

Women with medium and long length hair can try this beautiful twist back hairstyle for a captivating look. All you have to do is add the hair to one section and twist that back over another section. Continue to twist until you reach your ear’s top and then curve the twist around the back of your head. You can add bobby pins or hair brooches to secure and adorn both the sections of your hair. Carry this hairstyle with midi dresses or skirts on beach trips or cocktail parties for a futuristic appearance.


All the hairstyles mentioned in this article are suitable for formal, casual, and cultural occasions so you can choose them whenever you want. Moreover, make sure to enhance the hairstyle by adding elegant and captivating hair accessories to elevate your look.

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