Common mistakes to avoid in clothing

The smart woman knows very well that the simplicity and the lack of exaggeration; are the right way to highlight her beauty without any cost. But we see many women follow some mistakes when choosing their clothing; they cross the rule line of tastes and elegance. They draw much attention to their clothing, but in the contrary to what they wish for.

That what considered by fashion experts big mistakes committed by women in fashion, and it will reflect on her when people feels uncomfortable about her, because she chosen the wrong outfit to wear. This kind of attitude is not good for any woman no matter how bold is she?

First we will talk about Colors: fashion experts warn to combine red with green or even in makeup. It considers a mistake when wearing them together in one outfit. Or put green eye shadow and red lipsticks that will cause annoyance to others and this will be a completely away from simplicity rules.

Secondly; wearing colors do not match with your skin tone, it consider a fault you will quickly notice its result when people feel that you feels stressful or having a pale skin. Or you are not good in choosing the right colors for your skin. If your skin color is dark stay away from dark colors such as red or brown. If you would like to wear a certain color because they are fashionable this year; choose an appropriate degree of your skin or wear a Scarf with light colors.

Thirdly: the colored fabrics, which we call; embroidered, checked or striped. Choose them carefully and do not wear plaid blouse or skirt with embroidered or striped trousers. This will considered one of the biggest mistakes that do not meet the terms of the public taste. Follow the same thing with the scarves; choose only one piece of that embroidery item so as not to spoil the whole look.

Fourthly: The exaggeration when choosing your size is unacceptable, whether increase or decrease the size of your clothing, wearing tight clothes is interfere with your comfort and draw the attention to your body, you may will highlight your body flaws too, in addition; the very tight clothing are disagreeable. At the same time, do not overdo it and wear loose fitting clothes, just because it’s wide and casual does not make you feel chic. Stay away from cotton blouses that reach to the knees and the ones with fallen shoulders or trousers with wide big pockets.

Fifthly: Some girls wears numerous items on top of each other, for example, wearing more than one tight t-shirt all on top of each other or wearing a short skirt above long pants, that’s is so annoying and makes you feel uncomfortable. You can wear simply two pieces a top or blouse above a skirt or trousers, and there is no need to exaggerate.

Sixthly: Accessories have the function to show the beauty of your clothes by color consistency, but if you exaggerate you will spoil the whole look. It is wrong to wear huge necklaces or more than one ring in one hand. Just be simple and select lovely chic pieces and match them with your outfit.