Crochet handbags in cute designs

Straw and crochet woven bags and clutches are the latest fashion trends this season. The neutral colors are the main trend of the bohemian straw and crochet handbags, they offer the same function as other types of purses, but are lighter in weight.

It’s always nice to find an affordable bag before going to the beach. Thestraw bag provides all your beach essentials including a straw beach hat, cosmetic case and drawstring backpack tote.

This summer, you will become trendy with the elegant of straw woven handbags. The crochet canvas handbags can not only bring the romantic feeling, but also take the wearers to experience the wonder of bold classic.

They are made of durable stuff and come in chic colors. Their unconventional and simple but elegant designs are trendy and in good taste.

If you are desirous to keep up with the latest trend in the spring season, a crochet round woven handbag is surely the wonderful choice.

Clutch bags have become more popular this season; woman cannot deny their essential use for the evening too, the clutch for a formal evening occasion can really be almost an item of jewelry in itself. Enjoy the collection.