Cute hair buns and bridal braids styling ideas

Depending on how often you wash your hair, styling your crowning glory for a full glam between washes is as a big an issue as your meticulously planned haircare routine. And if you have medium-length to long hair that seems like a full time responsibility still it does have its high pros. Medium to longer hair lengths bring out the artist in you giving you much canvas to experiment with for easy, cute and chic styling ideas.
The sky is the limit when it comes to the latest styling trends of 2020 that are rich with versatile options for every face shape, hair texture, and life style.

Pony tails, messy or elegant buns, Dutch and French braids or the other intricate braids are the
Buns in any shape or form are a girl’s best friend and most welcome especially during the long hot and humid summer days.

For a flattering look that accentuates oval face shape, throw your hair up into a messy high bun and leave two tendrils out for a softer look. In order to avoid much tugging or pulling on your long hair a no hair tie bun is an advisable must-styling option which can be easily accomplished in just seconds.

A sleek ponytail seems to be a kind of a universally acknowledged way of styling to keep long hair looking groomed.
Though the art of braiding might be a bit intimidating and some might prefer a hair salon, there are innumerable tutorials all over the internet to choose your favorite.

Braided updos have flourished over the past years with versatile looks that work perfectly with red carpets, weddings and simple casual coffee dates. You don’t have to go for over-the-top braiding updos, or much elaborate kinds of braids.

 Get creative mixing whatever braid you’re good at with a bun or a pony tail and you can opt for close braids or loosely done for a more voluminous look. Rocking any of these is a super effortless and chic option for styling your hair for special evenings.

Half braids are another example for involving braids in other hairdos. Take your favorite hairstyle up a notch with simple French or Dutch braids.
A half Dutch braid would creatively keep your hair off your face, while still embracing lots of volume through the length. This is another styling idea to integrate braids uniquely amongst other intriguing braided hair styling ideas.

Spice up things with an elegant pearl accessory for a dreamy feminine look. Create an effortless and simple but still fit for a princess-like look adding a thin pearl-accessorized simple braid to brushed-out waves. This quick and easy styling idea works for both shoulder-lengths to longer hair.

For a more quality time between you, your mirror and hair brush, check out the following hairstyling inspo pics you won’t get tired of all summer long.

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