Dania Badawi hijab style


Dania Badawi is a current fashion blogger living in Dallas – United States. From here the difference begins; Dania Badawi the creative fashion blogger presented her unique pieces for the elegant distinguish hijabi woman.

Her new outfits are given stylishness and vitality; as each piece features a range of hot colors that gives warmth and affection for the fall and winter days. Each item is different from the other one in style and in design and that’s what distinguishes Dania Badawi from others.

Every piece has a graceful and neat taste which makes the choice became more difficult and confusing, and that’s why Dania Badawi wears models in different design just to make every woman being different from those around her.

Plaid patterns interfere with some designs as they gave elegance to the piece and some differences in colors; as well the designs are characterized by the spirit of the East, which presented for the Arab eastern woman which suits her a lot.

Here it come the charm and elegance of the black color; the black color have a special charm and attractiveness which can consider as a master of colors and the most important ever.

It also gives the design an attractive and upscale appearance for every woman who likes to add excellence and chicness to her appearance.

In the black design, the designer adopted the color black, and is commitment to use different accessories that is far from the traditional ones and this is what makes the design so creative. Enjoy the collection.