DIY Scalp scrub for hair growth, dandruff and hair loss

Scalp scrub! This title is so weird, right? I know, and that’s what I felt the first time I heard about it but once I tried it I was so blown away by the result. Let me tell you more about it.

All you will need:

1 table spoon of sugar

3 table spoons of olive oil / coconut oil.

While in the shower, take a little bit of the mixture on a wet hair; massage it gently with your fingers in the scalp to avoid hurting it. Massaging your scalp helps blood circulation which makes your hair grow longer and it also helps in hair loss.

Scrubbing your hair is a very good treat for dandruff! Cause simply the main reason for dandruff is dry and flaky scalp. We can also do the same for our scalp and this also leads us to the lack of moisture, but of course this problem will be fixed by the oil. Any oil by your choice will do a job – whatever the oil you will use you will get the benefits of it and we are going to tell about our most favorite’s oil.

Olive oil has a moisturizing properties helps in moisturizing the scalp and helps in splitting ends, frizzy hair, it is also rich of vitamins A, E & antioxidants.

Coconut oil helps a lot; like a lot in hair loss we can tell. It prevents it much more. Coconut oil reduces protein loss in damaged and weak hair. Has a cooling effect which is the cool thing about it for people who suffer from scalp sweating. Prevent breakage of hair and last but not least works as a great conditioner that keeps hair shimmering and soft.

Quick Tip: if you ran out of your conditioner you can replace it with coconut oil.

After trying this out you will end up with clean scalp, moisturized and shimmering hair.

Try it and let us know the result.

Have a good hair day beauties.


About the guest writer;

This article was written by fashion blogger Shrouk Mouhammad.