DIY Spa facial beauty home masks


Having a clean face is always an important aim for every woman! A good base for makeup and gives you confidence to go out makeup free. Taking care of your skin is not that difficult; you don’t need to go to a beauty salon to deep clean your face while you can do it at home with all natural ingredients. In that “DIY Spa Facial “series you will know all about deep cleaning your face at home, so let’s get started.


1st steam your face:

Go get you a bowl filled with water, put it in the microwave till it’s hot enough so you can use it, let your face be in the direction where the steam goes through for a couple of minutes for me I do it from 15 to 20 minutes with a cotton pad in my hand to clean my face every time I feel like I need it. This helps you for opening your pores so you can clean them easily, makes your face a little wet and ready to scrub it, generally, this step makes you feel like your skin is more softer and it actually cleans your skin really well.


2nd scrub:

We have a lot of DIYs which we could use but my favorite is: 1 table spoon of sugar and another one of honey, lemon. Make the mixture, massage it gently on the skin, let it on your face for 5 minutes to get benefits of vitamin C in the lemon and the moisturized of honey, and rinse it with water.


3rd Mask:

In this step also we have several of DIYs, I will tell the ones I tried and loved them.


Coffee mask

Of course we all heard about the benefits of coffee for our body and face skin. In this mask you will need; 1 table spoon of milk, 1 table spoon of rose water, few drops of lemon juice and of course coffee, but for the measurements of the coffee, add coffee till you get the consistency that you would be able to work with. Apply it to your face, let it dry for 15 minutes and before you rinse it off massage your face with the mixture gently.


Egg white mask

Add 1 egg white and few drops of lemon juice. Apply it on your face and let it do its magic. Egg whites and vitamin C of the lemon makes a huge difference in brightening and cleaning you skin.



4th closing your pores:

This step is so important in our routine, opened pores causes’ acne, black and white heads, so after cleaning your pores you have to close it to keep your skin clean. Although this step is so important, it’s so easy, all you need is an ice cube and massage it on your clean face, or put a little of rose water on a cotton pad, also you can skip all of these if you have a good toner.



5th moisturizing:

All you need now is a good moisturizer you trust that suits your skin type. And now you are good to go.




About the guest writer;

This post was written by fashion blogger Shrouk Muhammed