Do and do not about using Mascara


Hello beauties; let’s see how to use our mascara the right way, and what we should do and what we shouldn’t.

When you should throw your old mascara? The mascara expiration default date is three months starting from opening the package and the first time used, because this product is the most exposed to the bacteria, which can lead to infections to our eyes that we don’t need of course.




It said; if you insert the feather of your mascara in the package several times, that will make you drop the blocking pieces which are inclining to it.

Indeed… In this way you will let the air bubbles infiltrating inside the packaging and that will decrease the life of your mascara. The best way is to dipping the feather once and moved toward the right and to the left, and you will get the desired result without spoiling your mascara.



It said… you can use the waterproof mascara the whole day!

Indeed… you’re not required to use your waterproof mascara everyday unless its rain or you are swimming, but you can use your regular mascara instead, because you will find yourself at the end of the day doing a big effort to get rid of its remains on the lashes and eyelids.




I hope you enjoy our tips for today.