Egyptian hijab fashion trends


Egypt fashion is always filled with bright colors, lots of accessories and modest designs. In this collection we will present the new fashion trends that are in Egyptian stores for this spring season.

First of all these beautiful hijab designs came from a new online store called “Rooka” located in Egypt, you will find their online number at the end of this article.

The amazing thing about their designs is the variety in styles plus the simple chic designs they are present. I got a message from these hijab looks number one; if you have a simple dress or blouse without any attractive details, you can add eye catching jewelry to change its look, like a statement necklace.

Number two; tall cardigans and tall tunics are the classiest items to wear, not only they give u the modest look but they are looking stylish and chic as well.

Number three; the shirt dress with long line buttons are on trend this season, very practical item to wear , you can stylish it with your denim jeans and a trendy scarf and you are ready to go in no time.

This shirt dress came in many colors and of course when adding a beautiful statement necklace it will look so stylish and chic.

Enjoy the Egyptian hijab trends.