Egyptian hijab style


Dazzling new summer collections now at many Egyptian stores; Look stunning with these flashing colors and designs collection, as the Egyptian hijab style in Egypt is stylish and modern.  The secret of that is the fashion designers are creating hijab models with various colors that attract many women in Egypt, not only the colors but also the plain and simple styles that is suited many Muslim girls.

Muslim women love to follow the international fashion brands, they commonly dressed in famous brands too, but they tried to modify and change the outfit to suit their hijab. Egyptian woman love also to match her scarf with her outfit in an appropriated look, if her outfit is in prints; she will pick a scarf in neutral colors, and if her outfit is in neutral colors; she will pick her scarf in prints.  Egyptian woman also love to do many wrapping scarves ideas because she loves to look new and trendy all the time. The fabrics used in this collection are cotton, jersey and viscose.

These hijab styles are generally worn in Egypt and Arab countries and are in addition, they presently being worn in the Middle Eastern countries.

The most lovely thing about this collection; is the wide jeans that is presented in the collection, As the trousers came in new styles and designs; women can tucked their jeans in their boots, as it’s giving some kind of youth, liveliness and free move as well.

Muslim fashion industry is in continually developing, as fashion designers are putting a lot of effort in their work, and they are trying to improve Muslim clothing technique every day. Woman can find famous brands for Muslim fashion clothing in many popular Egyptian fashion stores. Woman can also purchase them very simply as they are in different prices ranges. Enjoy the Egyptian style collection.


Address of the store– Vichy store -41a Gada street from Mohi el deen Abu el Ezz in front of gate2 Nadi el said– Tel:37622976


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