Egyptian model Omnia Farouk the Barbie girl



Omnia Farouk is an Egyptian veiled model and fashion stylist as well, she began her career from few years ago and she was able to prove herself as good model in clothing styling, in makeup photo sessions and in wedding sessions as well.

Omnia Farouk is very similar to the Barbie doll; she looks so cute and girly just like the pretty doll. Omnia Farouk also creating some videos about makeup tips and present them to her followers; she gives advices on how to take care of our skin and what are the best products to use.

As well Omnia Farouk has a very kind heart she never being late from giving some advices about life problems to her followers. Whenever Omnia Farouk wakeup in the morning, she found tons of messages from her followers asking her lots of questions, and that’s prove that she is very lovable person and very popular among girls.

Omnia Farouk has a great number of followers in all social networks such as Facebook, Instagram , they love her and always wait for her to tell them about what’s new in fashion and in makeup.

If u wants to contact Omnia Farouk for modeling orders here are her contact pages

 Omnia Farouk Facebook

 Omnia Farouk   Insagram

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