Eid hijab outfits for trendy girls

olorful casual wear are presenting in this collection to give the hijabi women many styling ideas about what she could wear in our lovely Eid. Open dresses with jeans and sneakers are the most popular outfit that is trending nowadays.

Open dresses are practical and flowy and also modest and suits the hijab as well. Another trendy outfit is the striped blouses with jeans in baby blue and red or pink; they came with bell sleeves and with some ruffles to give some volume when wearing them.

Ruffles act as their own accessory, so there’s no need to trot out your jewels. A well-placed ruffle can do the job of statement jewelry, a good handbag or major shoes.
If they’re snaking around your neck or cascading down your shoulder, pull your hair back in a sleek style so it doesn’t interfere. These oversize undulations go nicely with pumps or sandals in a complementary—yet not matching-color.

Another trendy item is the kimono fringe cardigan; the hijabi girls could wear it with simple top in neutral tone and matched with jeans. Long kimonos and short kimonos are both fashionable this season.

In Eid most of us love to wear bright colorful outfits that is expressing our joyful feeling. Delightful outfits change our mood to be cheerful and happy, so have a nice and happy Eid. Enjoy the stylish outfits.