Eman Sobeh hijab designs


Funny prints, cute flowy designs and stylish looks! Eman Sobeh the fashion designer is presenting her first clothing line collection to the stylish veiled woman and to the teen girls. The fashion designer chooses lovely cute prints to satisfy the college girls. As well the designs are looking comfortable and trendy for the practical young ladies.

Open dresses with jeans and sneakers, long blouses, stylish tunics and many more stylish outfits in this collection. As well we can see the printed chiffon abaya that combined with jeans and sneakers for a casual simple style.

Colorful collection for an enjoyable summer break and for Eid occasion as well; girls will love to wear these designs when hanging out with their friends, or going to the beach.  The designer entered the oriental touch in many of the outfits just to express the Egyptian soul to the outfits.  We can see vests and cardigans with oriental prints and they look so unique and precious.

As we can see denim jeans are the main item in every outfit; that’s mean that you can complete any outfit with a nice comfy and stylish denim jeans. They look so versatile and trendy with wearing with open dresses, or with tunics, or with open cardigans.  Enjoy the collection and if you wanted to ask about any item just visit the fashion designer fashion page on facebook.