Entice Instagram followers to visit your fashion site

You may have a professionally designed website that includes everything from your fashion products, your company profile and contact information along with a lot of testimonials form genuine customers. In spite of having all these, you may still not be successful in having a large footfall to your site.

It is also possible that you may have tried a lot of things yourself to increase the footfall to your site including improving your fashion products, but still that may not be ‘doing everything.’

If you consult experts in social media marketing in such a situation to know the right ways to increase traffic to your fashion site, you may be suggested incorporating Instagram marketing along with your existing social media marketing efforts. This will surely pay you with rich dividends.

Role of Instagram in fashion world

In fact, Instagram today plays a significant role in the fashion industry when it comes to marketing because of several reasons such as:

  • It allows better and more creative showcasing of products being a typical photo and short video sharing app
  • It allows brands to reach out to a larger section of the social media community since the followers for Instagramhappens to be the largest considering the followers count of all other social media channels combined
  • It allows the brands to reach to people on the go since it is an app that can be used on the mobile devices.

Therefore, when you use Instagram for marketing fashion products and brand, you will reach out fast to a lot of people, most of them within the age group 18 and 24.

Facts supporting Instagram use

Since the younger generation is more fashionable, this means that Instagram will be the best suitable and most productive channel to gain maximum returns on your investment in marketing.

According to several studies it is found that:

  • Most of the people today have an Instagram account and they look out for latest launch by their favorite brands on this platform.
  • It is also found that a majority of the people visit the site at least once a day with a few even visiting it a number of times in a day.
  • Nearly all of them make a buying decision only after seeing the image of the product on Instagram.

Without a doubt, you should therefore focus on making a few amendments in your marketing approach and get in touch with experts to reap the maximum benefits of this popular platform and the social media traffic.

Using Instagram optimally

Now, you may put up a question, how exactly you can put a still photo or a short video posted on this platform to use for your marketing purpose? Well, since you are a beginner, this question to come up n your mind is quite natural as most of the beginners find this platform to be a little bit intimidating to use in the beginning.

However, with some careful planning and strategic approaches followed, you will find that it is very easy to gain a number of Instagram followers, engage them and entice them to visit your fashion site. Here are a few ways that when followed will surely increase the traffic count to your fashion site.

Run a contest:

One of the most significant ways in which you can increase the number of followers on Instagram and drive more traffic to your fashion site is by running content. Such Instagram contests will take your social media marketing efforts as well as your business on the whole to the next level. But just make sure that you run a branded Instagram hashtag contest.

There are several useful reasons to run a contest with branded hashtag on Instagram using one of the useful Instagram contest tools such as Wishpond. These are:

  • This will make the contest more amazing and awesome for your brand
  • It will make your contests more mobile-friendly automatically
  • It will provide you with a few wonderful and useful templates to build an awesome page.

All these are an absolute necessity for any Instagram hashtag contest. The good thing about it is that it will also allow you to put together an overwhelming prize package. You will also be able to create a few splendid and attention-grabbing posts along with some adsto spread the word about the contest you wish to run, if you have the budget that is.

As a part of the branded hashtag contest and to make it exciting and successful make sure that you keep the process simple and short. The process should ideally include these following few steps:

  • The entrants will simply have to upload photos to Instagram including a branded hashtag of your choice.
  • These photos will automatically appear in a gallery on the contest page.
  • Once it does, people can see photos from every other entrant and vote on them.

There is one significant benefit when you allow people to vote on the photos on your contest page. It will allow you at the same time to collect email addresses in return. This will significantly help you when it comes to building up your email list and for generating sales through your email marketing campaign.

Therefore, holding a branded hashtag contest is probably the number one Instagram marketing tip by far that any expert will give to you in order to increase the traffic to your fashion site. That means in short, when you hold a branded hashtag contest on Instagram, you will have dual benefits such as:

  • One, have the chance of increasing traffic count to your fashion site enhanced and
  • Two, build your email list as well.

All these benefits of holding a branded hashtag contest indicate why most of the fashion websites are more inclined on holding such contests. Therefore, if you have not already then this is an approach that you should surely try out and see the exceptional outcome for yourself.

If you want further inspiration, check out a few other major fashion sites and find out how and to what extent they have been successful in generating traffic to their site. Good luck!

Author bio: Karen is a Business Tech Analyst. She is very responsible towards her job. She helps marketers to achieve better results.