Evening classic collection by Malika designs


This evening collection comes within the context of the classics ensembles, which are famous for its elegance and chicness designs with variety of cuts. They are all chime in one integrated fashion full with fine colors and lovely designs. These designs aim to achieve chicness and comfort for the classical ladies.

This combination by Malika designs will help you to have a good choice and  will allows you to know the standards of your body posture in regard to the beautiful cuts and lines in markets and show cabinets, especially after combining the aristocracy raw fabrics and colors to meet your need to in the most social occasions.

If you’re a lover of the classic fashion, you will not find better than this wonderful collection, you can base them to your special events and your various occasions, they are delicate, elegant and you can modify each of anyone of them for your needs, or you can add some accessories to manifest with them to your full chicness.

Each femininity drips from this fashion collection, they are very appropriate for dinner invitations. In addition to the charming colors ideas they came to add a lot of vitality and to give classiness without a shred of doubt.

Each woman is seeking to consecrate her simple elegance in a feminine cute dress in pink or in light green, yellow pastels colors. But the black color comes in the first of the night colors that never go out of fashion, despite of the passage of time.

If you have a graceful waist the pop-up dresses with cuts is the most fit with your body type. These dresses acquire and impress everyone who sees you and they are very suitable for dinners and evenings to gatherings. Enjoy Malika collection.


If you wanted to buy any event dresses from Malika their address is 19 Abd El Wahab El Kaday Street, Cairo, Egypt  phone  01144443683



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