Evening Designs for Veil by Mona Erieba


Mona Erieba was distinguished by her simple and chic designs; she studied at the American University of Cairo, and her dream about designing clothes kept casing her from a long time since she was a little girl, until she launched her first collection after graduating. Mona Eriebahas an artistic vision; she is trying to design decent dresses for the Arab woman and mixed them with the European-style, but in creative way which can suit the veiled woman and show her beauty.

Because comfort and simplicity are the password key of the evening designs for this season; so an elegant designs are presented by the designer Mona Erieba which inspired from the Princess dresses, which makes woman feels that they are a beautiful butterfly in spring gardens.

The collection included the spirit of the special evening events in simple and varied styles; the dresses are suitable for attending engagement parties or wedding occasions. As well the designer Mona Erieba presented a beautiful collection of wedding dresses with soft fabrics and chic designs.

The evening dresses have been characterized by the springy colors like coral, off white, green and the petroleum blue. The dresses were embroidered with beads in glamour.

And for the bride this year; Mona Erieba designed a simple elegant wedding dress that adds an attractive elegant touch to the bride. These dresses fit various weddings styles for the woman who is seeking for romance and elegance.  Enjoy the evening and wedding dresses.

Her location in Cairo –Egypt

2, Gaber Ebn Hayan st. behind Genena Mall, Cairo, Egypt
Mob: 01285634111

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