Evil eye jewelry bracelets



Evil eye is a Middle Eastern belief especially in ancient Egyptian culture; it also found in all major religions and through countless cultures. It is believed that the eye protects its owner from Evil spirits and the jealousy and the ill will of others.

The turquoise Evil eye worn on the body as jewelry or placed in the home or in the car, its mystical quality works right up to this modern day. Some people believed that the evil eye or shielding eye turn asides the harmful energy that is being going towards a person onto itself, therefore scattering the negative energy.

Evil eyes known as the all Seeing Eye, eye of destiny, 3rd eye, this symbolic images are common throughout history and extents among many.

The Silver Hamsa hand and the Evil Eye Charm Bracelets are sending the negative energy back to the person. A hamsa is a charm created like a hand, with three widened fingers in the center and a curved thumb or pinky finger on each side. It is thought to care for the “evil eye” and is a fashionable pattern in both Jewish and Middle Eastern jewelry.

An eye for an eye and the whole world goes blind. Evil eye charms known as “Nazars” have been worn as a protective lucky charm to keep you safe. Blue Evil eye beaded bracelet are very stylish and modern jewelry to wear. Enjoy the collection.


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