Eyebrow tattoo – A few essential questions to address

Technology has solutions to most of the concerns we have today! Many women having issues with scanty and thin eyebrows can resort to eyebrow tattoo. The process is officially called microblading.

What is microblading?

It gets best defined as a semi-permanent tattoo that gets implemented using a blade composed of small needles dipped in pigment. The eyebrow strokes get placed beneath the present brow hairs in one or two layers inside the skin. It also improves the current texture of the brow. The main benefit of this technology is that it helps to fill light and empty spots in the eyebrow. It corrects the brow color and also gives it a proper shape. It has a lasting impact than eyebrow tinting. Usually, microblading lasts for almost six months to more than a year. To know more about this, you can check out Candid Cosmedic.

Are you planning to opt-in for it? If yes, then you need to ask a few essential questions before that.

  1. What are the essential things to know?

Before you say fix an eyebrow tattoo appointment, it is essential to get in touch with a technician. Not every microbladers have the license of beauty professionals. Hence, it is necessary to know a person’s experience, their location, as well as the salon set-up. Also, check the sanitation facilities. 

  • Is it permanent?

Microblading isn’t permanent. And with time it will fade. Also, you require two to four sessions for attaining the best color, shape, and even the apt incisions with zero scarring. If you can manage a touch-up within one year, it will do you good. Also, every person has a different skin texture and condition. Hence, each person will attain different results.

  • Is it essential to consult the technician?

You need to get proper guidance from the technician before the initial session and after the session. Hence, consultation is essential. The technician guides you on the dos and don’ts before the microblading session as well as after it. Microblading doesn’t conceal the need for trimming and waxing.

  • Which is the most common brow-shape?

The popular brow trend today is the bold, full brows! Today, fuller brows are something that every woman wants. It gives the face a natural and well-defined look. Some women also look much young than their age with thick and full brows.

The eyebrow defines the entire face and gives it a frame. It adds to your overall look. Make sure that the technician is an expert in microblading and knows how to shape the brows correctly, that complements your face.

  • What are the aftercare requirements?

You need to maintain a few aftercare steps! For instance, you should refrain from heavy exercises that cause sweating and water contact for a stipulated time. The technician will inform you about that. Also, you should not use any rough finger movements on the treated area for a few days. If you wash your face after the first-time frame, make sure you use the towel carefully to wipe off the water.

These are some of the essential questions that you should ask before you say yes to microblading! It will help you reap the benefits better.

Author bio: Karen is a Business Tech Analyst. She is very responsible towards her job. She helps marketers to achieve better results.